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1. 介绍性优惠仅适用于新客户。新客户在过去 90 天内不得订阅选定的 Shaw 服务(互联网、电视或电话)或捆绑服务。此优惠的资格取决于批准的信用 (OAC) 和预授权付款。并非所有客户都有资格。可能还有其他优惠。可能需要与您前几个月的费用(包括税费)相等的预付款。优惠如有更改,恕不另行通知。显示的价格不包括税收或政府征税。储蓄是基于正常利率。促销期后适用常规费率,并且可能会发生变化。 50 美元的 Tech Connect 安装费可能适用于所有电视、互联网和电话服务和硬件。并非所有地区都提供所有 Shaw 软件包、服务和硬件。频道和主题包的可用性因市场而异。高清编程需要高清硬件。您租用或购买的设备可能是新的或翻新的。如果您的任何服务被取消,您必须将非您购买的设备退还给 Shaw。如果您的报价包括带有无线 4K 播放器的电视设备,则最多可以连接八 (8) 台电视,需要八 (8) 台电视播放器。您不得转售任何 Shaw 服务。版权所有。所有 Shaw 服务均受我们位于 的联合使用条款、隐私政策和可接受使用政策的约束。

ZH The fastest internet
in the world is here.

ZH Faster and more affordable than Telus, Shaw, and Novus.

ZH We're building a faster, better Internet.

ZH With free hardware and installation, we make
choosing us simple.

Fibre 1000 Mbps
$ 40 1
For the first 12 months, than $50/month.
Fibre 10000 Mbps
$ 70 1
For the first 12 months, than $80/month.

Terms and Conditions

1) Introductory offers apply to new customers only. New customers must not have subscribed to the selected Shaw service (Internet, TV or Phone) or bundle in the past 90 days. Eligibility for this offer is dependent on approved credit (OAC) and pre-authorized payments. Not all customers will qualify. Other offers may be available. An upfront payment equivalent to your first months’ charges, including tax, may be required. Offer subject to change without notice. Price shown does not include tax or government levies. Savings are based on the regular rate. Regular rates apply after promotional period and are subject to change. A $50 Tech Connect installation fee may be applied for all TV, Internet and Phone services and hardware. Not all Shaw packages, services and hardware are available in all regions. Channel and Theme Pack availability vary by market. HD hardware is required for HD programming. The equipment you rent or purchase may be new or refurbished. Equipment not purchased by you must be returned to Shaw if any of your services are cancelled. If your offer includes TV equipment with wireless 4K players, a maximum of eight (8) TVs can be connected, requiring eight (8) TV Players. You may not resell any Shaw services. All rights reserved. All Shaw services are subject to our Joint Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policies located at

ZH We have the best WiFi. Enjoy WiFi 6E.

ZH You deserve cutting edge technology.

  • Faster Speeds
  • 6Ghz Spectrum
  • Lower Latency
  • Better Coverage
  • More Reliable
  • Enhanced Security

ZH Stay connected in the Parkade and Elevator

ZH We installed WiFi hotspots in your building.

  • One-Time Login
  • WiFi Calling
  • Tesla Compatible
  • Safety in an Emergency
ZH Get Started

ZH Frequently Asked Questions

ZH What is the difference between 500, 1 Gig, and 10 Gig?

ZH All of our fibre internet plans have unlimited data. We’re referring the connection speed in Mb per second (Mbps), or Gb per second (Gbps). Faster plans mean more responsive web browsing, faster downloads and uploads, and reduced latency.

ZH How can you offer 10 Gbps service?

ZH Since we operate and maintain our own fibre optic network, we have more flexibility in the equipment and technology we choose to deploy. We have the fastest internet because although cutting edge and more expensive to implement, the technology exists and we choose to offer the best to our customers.

ZH Is this a "wholesale" internet service?


No. We operate and maintain our own private fibre optic network. We do not piggyback on other providers networks.

ZH How long does it take to switch my internet service to FibreTel?

ZH We can generally get you up and running in 1-2 business days. Sometimes we can even accommodate same day installations. If there is an opportunity to move your installation date up, we will let you know after you place your order.

ZH Does my installation need an on-site visit?

ZH Yes. One of our technicians will be required to connect our service. But don’t worry, we can be there very quickly and the installation usually only takes about 30-45 minutes.

ZH Is your Internet service really unlimited?

Zh Yes! Our internet service plans have no download limit, which means they also have no overage fees.

ZH What internet plan should I get?

ZH We always recommend our 10 Gig service. Our prices are extremely affordable and everyone should have access to next generation internet access.

ZH Do I need a modem or a router?

ZH Everything you need to get connectivity is already included in your internet plan, including a WiFi 6E router. You don’t need anything extra.

ZH What are the specifications of the supplied hardware?

ZH Our XGS-PON gateway ensures the highest quality of service while utilizing the latest FTTH technology with download and upload speeds of up to 10Gbps and wireless Wi-Fi 6E Tri-band (4×4 2.4GHz 802.11ax, 4×4 5GHz 802.11ax, 4×4 6GHz 802.11ax) with OFDMA, DFS, 160hz channels, and easymesh support. 1 x 10GbE LAN, 4 x 1GbE LAN.

ZH There is fibre in my building from another provider. Why can’t I get FibreTel service?

ZH We do not resell or use any other carrier network or cabling to provide our service. Because we build, own and operate our own independent network, it takes us more time to expand. If you are interested in bringing FibreTel into your building, please get someone from your strata or a building manager to fill out this form.

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