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CN Frequently Asked Questions

What is Start TV, and how is it different from other TV providers?

Start TV is the next generation of TV service. It uses your existing internet connection to deliver television programming to your home through a set-top box.

Cn Why do I need to be a Start internet customer to get Start TV?

CN Media distributors, like Start TV, must be registered and this registration tells us exactly how we are allowed to deliver media. The media we broadcast must be sent over our own internet distribution network, which means we can only offer Start TV to people who are internet customers. This is a requirement from Canada’s Broadcasting Act.

CN How do I watch Start TV?

CN You can watch Start TV several ways. To watch Start TV on your television, you must rent or purchase a set-top box for each television you want to use, or you can download the Start TV app onto your mobile phone or tablet.

CN Will I get my favourite channels with Start TV?

CN Yes. Our Start TV channel packages offer the channels you already know and love. Visit this page for a complete channel listing, and what you can do with each one.

CN How many televisions can I connect?

CN You can access up to 4 streams on one Start TV account at one time. One set-top box counts as one stream (as does one tablet, one mobile phone, etc.). If you need more than 4 streams, you’ll need to sign up for an additional Start TV account. This is a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) requirement.

CN Can I watch on my mobile device?

Yes, you can watch on your mobile devices while on your home Wi-Fi. However, some limitations may apply to certain channels. Visit this page for a complete channel listing, and what you can do with each one.

CN Can I record programs and watch later with Start TV?

CN Yes, you can record approximately 50 hours of programming on your Start TV network PVR. You can also record multiple programs at the same time, and access your recordings from other devices inside your home.

CN Can I pause and rewind live Start TV?

CN Yes, many channels allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but it depends on the content provider. We will be adding this functionality to more channels in the future. Visit this page for a complete channel listing, and what you can do with each one.

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